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Flat Roof repair

How To Repair a Flat Roof.....Leaks As with any roof, it is vital to 1st notice the reason for the leak. the way to notice that leak -- and ultimately fix it -- varies reckoning on the sort of roof. Following area unit some tips for mending leaks on flat roofs and picket shake roofs.

Flat Roofs Flat roofs area unit designed of layers of roofing felt and tar. Leaks typically occur at low spots or wherever the roofing felt has been broken. In most cases, the leak is directly below the broken spot and also the injury to the roofing felt is straightforward to ascertain. If there is still water pooled within the leak space, mop it up or soak

it up with rags, and let the surface dry. brush aside any gravel. seek for cracks within the felt or for giant blisters wherever the highest layer has separated.

Flat roof repair (After,condition)

Flat roof condition before the repair

To mend a blister:

Step 1: Use utility knife to slice blister open down middle. Cut ought to penetrate to full depth of injured layer

but shouldn't reach sound roofing felt at a lower place it.

Step 2: carry cut edges . If there is water within blister, press from edges in toward center to TAKE out water from between roofing layers. absorb all the water you'll be able to with rags; then prop edges up to let layers dry.

In weather condition or if layers area unit totally saturated, use torch with flame-spreader nozzle to dry out felt (be certain to wear safety goggles). fastidiously move flame back and forth over within layers of blister. Roofing felt and tar area unit terribly inflammable, therefore do not let layers get hot enough to burn or bubble.

Caution: If there is water beneath an oversized space of the roof, the matter is over a straightforward blister; water is also running in from Associate in Nursing contiguous pitched roof surface. during this case, it is best to decision knowledgeable craftsman.

Step 3: unfold thick coating of roof cement on bottom edges of loose felt and firmly displace sides of blister.

Step 4: shut blister for good with row of 6d galvanized roofing nails on both sides of slit, then unfold roof cement over entire blister, ensuring nail heads area unit well coated.

What you'll have Purchase the subsequent for your chest before you tackle a repair on a flat roof: Utility knife Clean rags Propane torch with flame-spreader nozzle Safety glasses Asphalt roof cement or compound Trowel 6d galvanized roofing nails Hammer

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