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Installing Downpipes downspouts on Stucco


stucco textured partitions are pretty sturdy, so attaching gutter downspouts need to be clean, furnished you take affordable care. find the downspout you may already have a downspout junction for your guttering. this could decide the region of the downspout. use a plumb line to mark a vertical chalk line against the stucco barely to at least one aspect of the downspout junction. 

the use of the masonry bit, drill thru the thickness of the stucco at periods of five ft. drill every other hole the horizontal distance from the first hollow identical to the space among the 2 sides of the downspout straps. the second one hollow is just to the alternative facet of the downspout junction. collect the downspout screw the downpipe straps to the stucco the use of the holes you have got drilled. it can be easier to feed the pipe through the straps already connected to the wall, specifically in case you are working up a ladder. so long as the straps are tight in opposition to the stucco, there have to be no trouble. simply ensure you've got the downspout sections the right manner up—vast end on the top—and use the furnished seals. as soon as the pipe is connected, you can practice stucco to the rims to assist it blend in with the constructing. 

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