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Why you should get cleaned your eavestrough system

Today, we received an emergency call asking our services of Eavestrough repair and cleaning.

Eavestrough cleaning in progress in Whitby

Eavestrough condition before the repairs in Whitby

As you know, we are already in a rainy season and there are many people that never cleaned their eavestrough system. The result of this is visible. There are many houses getting water in the house because the water is overflowing and getting in between the fascia and the eaves. We see all the time how the water damage all the frame of the house to finally get in the house causing problem related to humidity like mold and masty odors. 

We always recommend to clean and install the leaf guard to avoid this kind of problem. It's also good to remember that during this warm season, all the corner get sealed to correct the leakages.

If you need to know more about these services go to

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