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Roofing repair in Whitby Flashing installation in Durham

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Today, we went to repair another leaky roof around Durham, ON. 

The surprising thing was that the roof only has 1 year old. We could not  believe that there are still people out there installing roof without finishing properly.

As you see on the picture the roofer didn't install the flashing so that the water was coming in the house and the flooring was already damaged. 

You can also see that the downpipe wasn't installed properly adding more water on the roof.

We decided to add the aluminum flashing in order fix the roofing problem. 

You can see that the flashing was installed and also we decided to caulk all along the flashing to avoid future problems. 

As we mentioned before the downpipe had to be connected to the eavestrough system so we did that by adding an elbow and a piece of kaycan downpipe to allow the water to go right in the eavestrough system.

After finishing this job, we only can recommend you to hire good contractors that take pride of their jobs avoiding companies that just hire subcontractors to do quick jobs. 

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