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Finding Leaks on your Roof: ridge vents leaks


one usual supply of a leak is a ridge vent, which runs the duration of the roof line and is fabricated from steel capping. it allows hot air to be vented from your attic. on the equal time, it permits cooler air to go into through the consumption vents.

Roofing repair: Finding leaks around the vents | Roofing in Whitby Oshawa Ajax Pickering Courtice

air circulation maintains moisture from constructing up inside the attic and prevents structural harm and a buildup of mildew or condensation. it has the delivered advantage of saving energy and money on cooling your house at some point of heat weather. shingles cover the vicinity where the ridge vent is fastened down. if the fasteners are not cozy, a sturdy wind may additionally pull up the ridge cap and let rain or snow get into the vent, inflicting it to leak. you have to look into your ridge vent yearly. whilst you're at the roof, walk alongside the entire length of the ridge vent. look to peer if the fasteners are nonetheless in place. there must be a fastener each 18 inches. most ridge vents have a plug on the gable cease of the roof, so make sure it's miles there and relaxed. if the nails are lacking or free, or your vent is coming away from the roof, the fasteners want to be retightened or replaced. roofing nails don’t paintings very well and don’t maintain up well to strong gusts of wind. once you have got secured the roof vent, put a polyurethane sealant on the fasteners to help save you roof leaks. move as much as the attic at some point of daylight. preserve the lights off and look up at the roof to peer if there may be any light coming through. subtle light is everyday, however a beam of light may be the motive of a leak. then, use a flashlight to take a look at the ridge vent. search for moisture or water stains. water stains may be from an old leak. every other properly time to check out the attic is whilst it's miles raining. make sure to be aware where the water is coming from, because it could be channeled from every other location at the roof earlier than dripping down into the attic. 

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