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Chimney repair: are we in time to do it ? 1855wannareno?

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We are now at the time of the year when  many homeowners are about to decide the fade of their homes.

There are many things to consider before the usual winter season but we would recommend not to forget about the maintenance of your existing chimney.

There few little tasks that you should do 

- Brick repointing: As you know if you don't repair it now that the temperature is warm enough you will end up doing bigger repairs that will eventually cost you more. 

Repointing is just a simple filling of the gap between bricks so don't wait too long.

-Crown repairs: the top area of your chimney is the one that gets more damages because all water during the rainy season and snow contaminated with different gases come and stay on this spot wearing the concrete that can get broken at some point leading to leakages around the pipe coming from the chimney.

Waterproofing: spraying a waterproof product can help to avoid damages as a consequence of repealing all the liquid that comes around your chimney.

This kind of measurement can alleviate you since prevent damages and more cost to maintain your home.

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