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Spring season maintenance around the house:Roof repair, Eavestrough repair, Gutter cleaning, Leafgua

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We are already in the Spring season accordingly to the calendar but the temperatures are still really cold. For this reason we would recommend you to wait a little bit more to start all the repairs around the house.

For example, we can not do caulking repairs when temperatures are colder than 10 degrees Celsius in order to get the best results. Of course that anybody can go and promise you good result but that is something that can not be ensured by any company.

If we want to talk about the eavestrough cleaning, as you see in the picture; most of the debris is still frozen making more difficult the job to remove it and get great results. 

Eavesteough cleaning is something that we still do with cold temperatures but the ideal would be doing the cleaning when the temperatures are above 15 degrees Celsius.

Roof repair: No doubt that if you get leaks you should repair the roof no matter what temperutes you get. In the case of roof replacement is totally different since you need warm weather condition to get the best installations results. The shingles need time and hot temperatures to glue each other and stay firm on your roof forever.

Eaveatrough repair: if your client is getting leaks and you need to apply caulking and sealer products, you should wait untill the temperures arise at level of 15 degrees celsious. Applying products at temperatures below 15 degrees is not recommendable since the sealer or caulking does not get dried properly.

Siding and Soffit repairs: This can be done any time but the workmanship quality seems to be better when the weather conditions are warmer therefore you are always going to get a better job.

Leafguard installation: This can be done any time considering the fact that prior to the leafguard Installation the eavestrough needs to be cleaned up.

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