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Repairs around the house in Spring (after winter)

Repair Your Roof after that Storm Damage During spring days, take stock of storm and water damage to your home. Most houses sustain a minimum of a few of problems during the winter months. Make the repairs now, before starting on any larger. You Don’t have wait to repair a leaking roof. Ultimately, a lot ofmoisture or water damage can cause mold and decay .if you can't do these jobs, call a roofing company or general contractor. Missing or damaged roofing. look for trouble spots on the roof only in weather and safely. you'll also enter the attic with a bright flashlight to ascertain for signs of moisture. But be careful! Once within the attic, step only on attic floorboards or secure framing members—never on the insulation or the topside of the ceiling below because neither will support your weight . Damaged shingles involve replacement. make sure all shingles are well installed and secured to roof deck.

Many serious roof leaks aren't caused by damaged shingles but rather by broken or improperly installed roof flashing. Water-stained ceilings. Following a roof leak, there's usually a yellow or brown stain on the ceiling below. Clean Out eavestroughs & Downpipes Eavestroughs and downpipes that can not properly capture and carried away rainwater, you’ll need to clean them out and repair. Overflowing eavestrough and downpipes can cause water damage to your home.

Repair Siding If you’ve discovered any areas where your home’s siding fails to hold Mother Nature out, see the thanks to Repair Wood Siding for information on the thanks to repair your siding. Be sure siding is tight and caulked where it meets trim. Where wood window sills or sashes have taken serious abuse from the weather, resulting in rot, use epoxy filler to repair it . Minimize drafts and save energy at the same time by installing or replacing weatherstripping around windows and doors.

Painting If your home’s exterior needs painting, now could be the time to start out . When temperatures heat up, fresh paint dries too fast, this compromises adhesion, which makes the finish less durable. Paint when youhave dry days......... when temperatures are between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. Improve Attic Insulation If the cold winter brought drafts and heat loss, your home probably needs a lift in attic insulation. this might help keep the summer heat out also Check Your Home’s Interior Make sure your all your appliances and AC , dehumidifier, ceiling fans, and other cooling systems are working. Also consider installing curtains, blinds, awnings, and window films to help control summer heat gain through windows.

Improve Lawns Spring is the time to start out out some of those lawn and garden jobs. the only time to plant trees. Tree roots like cool soil. Spring could also be a blast to aerate your lawn and spray for weeds. Also check sprinklers and garden irrigation to make sure these systems work well. Outdoor Building Projects If you’re planning any outdoor improvements like changing a fence, fix the pool, make sure you plan ahead to get those projects done before summer. Home Improvements Start planning about those projects tat will demand long periods. It’s smart to need full advantage of the good weather and long days of spring and summer to form sure that you simply get the work done before fall and winter arrive.

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